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Kleenex is almost synonymous with words like paper towels, facial tissue and bathroom tissue. It is a brand and trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. Before the company has been known as the number one tissue manufacturer in the world, they first created creped wadding hygiene products and called it Kotex. The product was not instantly welcomed by consumers so the company changed the product’s ingredients. They used different pulps and were able to make softer crepe. This is when the tissue was born. The tissue was named Kleenex from the word clean and ‘ex’ from Kotex. From then on, the tissue conquered the market as a replacement for handkerchief and for removing creams and make ups. It has been the number one brand since 1924 until today, aiding people from over 150 countries when it comes to hygiene and other uses. Today, the company has also innovated promotions like the Kleenex coupons. 

The use of Kleenex coupons is a way of the company to attract customers, to let them save money and to let their customers enjoy their soft, strong, and absorbent tissue. Coupons can be found inside Kleenex boxes, newspaper advertisements and in special offers through email. Discount coupons are primarily invented for people to save money. Using it, consumers do not only get to pay for a lower price but they can also buy in bulks and save for a long time. That is why a lot of people watch out for Kleenex sales or Kleenex coupons. 

Kleenex tissues are not only soft and absorbent; they can also be used as part of a house or room’s decorations. With the different colors, designs, and shapes of its boxes, one can really integrate style and fashion with the use of tissue at home or for personal use. A consumer can even design his preferred style of box in the Kleenex website.  

Kleenex has also developed tissues that are anti-viral. These tissues are made of three soft layers with moisture-activated layer that can kill viruses of cold and flu. Surely, a consumer’s sneezes and sniffles will decrease with it.  

A well-built vise offers a higher level of safety, capacity, versatility, and speed with its ability to clamp easier, offers wide vise jaws to accommodate spacers, jigs, stops, etc., and still compact enough in size to store or move in a small to medium sized home or industrial workshop.

For people with sensitive skin, Kleenex has tissue with a little lotion. They have also created hand towels which can be used as replacement for regular towels. According to the company, it is better to use disposable hand towels than regular towels that are used over and over as this will lessen the accumulation of bacteria or virus. These are sure reasons why you, too, should grab Kleenex coupons. Kleenex is not just a brand but a product that cares for their consumer’s health.

Kleenex-coupons.net is an independent website and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Kleenex.  Kleenex is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide

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